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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions you might have asked

We use FAUCETPAY for deposits and withdrawals.

Before join our platform you have to signup an account at

Link your bitcoin wallet address in your dashboard or use the faucetpay deposit address.

Deposit at VirtualMine.Pro is very easy:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on DEPOSIT button, insert amount of GHs you want purchase and click on BUY NOW.
  3. You will be redirected to FAUCETPAY: now just double check your order and confirm it in few clicks.
  4. Your GHs are added instantly after purchase!

1 GHs = 0,00001 BTC

Min deposit = 5 GHs = 0,00005 BTC

In case of issue please send a direct email to [email protected]

Withdraw at VirtualMine.Pro is very easy:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on WITHDRAW button, insert amount of BTC  you want cashout and click on CONFIRM.
  3. Your payments will be processed instantly after request!
  4. We process payments only via FAUCETPAY

Min Cashout = 0,000001 BTC

In case of issue please send a direct email to [email protected]


See the results our service has generated so far.

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0.01252 BTC

  • Total withdrawn by users

0.00224 BTC

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19Epq6seXasuhn9KbJf9WjVY8wXXX 0.00120000 BTC 1 hour ago d899a2c1a03384cb253997a8a563007f15941b56
12LgCgBCB249qpQ3QFpvaKqh59XXX 0.00009000 BTC 18 hours ago 94d08ebc3082f1f175de5717607c183656ca4652
1QJYU6C3p7tLmkNtS3ptmSYxkXXX 0.00005000 BTC 18 hours ago 10dd06a180a186c1bf9adf68c358185347830f71
1CBrqksYmndsGybQF3ye3Sp2uJXXX 0.00005000 BTC 1 day ago 234cfd29cde48abc8343261d911bd78a5479a74d
12LgCgBCB249qpQ3QFpvaKqh59XXX 0.00040000 BTC 1 day ago fb24a8d1eaa8b406583da7b1e3036dd4583cbd18
1HxQdnQq1TPCDVdV9NXeHk8gbyXXX 0.00005000 BTC 1 day ago c2c4683284e10c573c855f043a8d7b6344e08e9d
3NXTvCurJ3yoKhDiba7PRq5jKGXXX 0.00005000 BTC 2 days ago 3ea3409e56c66db308424760893d27099d0faf5b
1256KumMnqKdkpRJAwda6aWDMkXXX 0.00005000 BTC 2 days ago afc474eed602151f9f4c3ceadc2a7353f0e1922f
Wallet Amount Date TX
1J4t52JHiHhDYf3N93cCPMZwsvXXX 0.00002501 BTC 1 minute ago 2918de0c3c59e95d7c62f9ec822e945ca17e4f10
13595nb1SZANtWmrMExnepGGtJXXX 0.00001482 BTC 2 hours ago ee62174359343902c9733420496747fbee8192b8
15GSBWFmMCe1sz9iMYKywU2C6bXXX 0.00026000 BTC 2 hours ago 6c75c9df39f03f7941f9ae015db2b0347738e809
1AUrctJF7Ezg83nWcuRZ8pLNrpXXX 0.00000126 BTC 6 hours ago 8bf62cbe3b7fe879d4a80c767c73704b14e59fd4
19aCdpqbZavgwQmNKsuxs74pz5XXX 0.00000146 BTC 8 hours ago 280bceffe5f8243f56e2777e805ef1f403d2e85f
1J4t52JHiHhDYf3N93cCPMZwsvXXX 0.00000634 BTC 10 hours ago 2918de0c3c59e95d7c62f9ec822e945ca17e4f10
1J4t52JHiHhDYf3N93cCPMZwsvXXX 0.00001004 BTC 12 hours ago 2918de0c3c59e95d7c62f9ec822e945ca17e4f10
1LhJnUaJJUZMrGR24VozARfSK2XXX 0.00000157 BTC 14 hours ago 001d3ed76784d795b123eaaf22bc0186087a64e7
1J4t52JHiHhDYf3N93cCPMZwsvXXX 0.00001659 BTC 16 hours ago 2918de0c3c59e95d7c62f9ec822e945ca17e4f10
1F3ztFMsb9cP2rYoqH8bFdME8wXXX 0.00000115 BTC 18 hours ago 90eb5801be13e3b77bb5f821d6e5444ff553bddd

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