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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions you might have asked

We use FAUCETPAY for deposits and withdrawals.

Before join our platform you have to signup an account at

Link your bitcoin wallet address in your dashboard or use the faucetpay deposit address.

Deposit at VirtualMine.Pro is very easy:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on DEPOSIT button, insert amount of GHs you want purchase and click on BUY NOW.
  3. You will be redirected to FAUCETPAY: now just double check your order and confirm it in few clicks.
  4. Your GHs are added instantly after purchase!

1 GHs = 0,00001 BTC

Min deposit = 5 GHs = 0,00005 BTC

In case of issue please send a direct email to [email protected]

Withdraw at VirtualMine.Pro is very easy:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on WITHDRAW button, insert amount of BTC  you want cashout and click on CONFIRM.
  3. Your payments will be processed instantly after request!
  4. We process payments only via FAUCETPAY

Min Cashout = 0,000001 BTC

In case of issue please send a direct email to [email protected]


See the results our service has generated so far.

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  • Total withdrawn by users

0.00483 BTC

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1FNm3EWADL9JSNsnXkZbcsjcHRXXX 0.00027000 BTC 1 hour ago a962bdeb722c4a69510e9d8849e364a5f45e110c
1LGTodzP3ftx7PeMWKpvLZ1xcZXXX 0.00005000 BTC 1 hour ago a148bd95172b904fa7e73349f619ee930e8838d9
1EAKRZhtjLhoLbJiWMJZ6TvZe1XXX 0.00005000 BTC 2 hours ago c95afede8510af12f58344ffe2d052ea8d653d22
1EAKRZhtjLhoLbJiWMJZ6TvZe1XXX 0.00005000 BTC 2 hours ago c68c854a19aabe5f58a532bf53659235ca05bfeb
1MhAM4WkQX16wgFBTnbsYdqmuNXXX 0.00009000 BTC 6 hours ago 68570dea3d51ae9eb2dc2a92813da5a9f5fabb4a
1MqbfAjYUrXdQn8pCiuW7UEYWpXXX 0.00005000 BTC 14 hours ago 740dfaf1734b551168c8d0c7dd9b706f12351abe
bc1q8p5gekp8acn0fs5nxfzwy3zwfdn6xvXXX 0.00032000 BTC 14 hours ago 27b668e66e672ad040f8fce609c35329bda63d63
1EkX1fmkMtnGj7K2uYCe9kGLEzXXX 0.00005000 BTC 16 hours ago 85da1729b6217c2b318025b99625976906856757
1JSViuXE917X7EcTy3ze6YFQ1YXXX 0.00007000 BTC 20 hours ago 65c844cc82ce5346c8a7bdaa8c07d9e0c3c5ef74
124XfhTH1UiDZW9SEdyd7TDbVqXXX 0.00005000 BTC 1 day ago 97f9714cfc96677e503c550856c545eb32ab2e5e
Wallet Amount Date TX
1GKwEd3D6TBi1qvCeBk1cGQjMMXXX 0.00000109 BTC 1 hour ago 461c244162abef40a092eecffb40e75fb64b6725
1F3ztFMsb9cP2rYoqH8bFdME8wXXX 0.00000303 BTC 2 hours ago 90eb5801be13e3b77bb5f821d6e5444ff553bddd
1LKjLW3Dr2arrNf4zbwVYmJzBwXXX 0.00002000 BTC 3 hours ago def621f21fef38f8aa2614ec0fd255caf9dfa8f4
1N4FqAN9MQyU1qDHMYd3hhd91aXXX 0.00000100 BTC 3 hours ago 139b59991bacbcf111d7895b3edb53206bacad6d
1HGCHL7pD3cGWprqo5ggTcNhQSXXX 0.00000185 BTC 6 hours ago bb7587c569fbc7b291523c6c729c63ea551c56e0
14rnWviLvCJwVASaaoB6LsQYPGXXX 0.00000170 BTC 6 hours ago c3745c2372b2fc7e589e933de727151f0c3ef741
1EqWSqa1PJ2ZFMWCqpd2zt3u7GXXX 0.00000106 BTC 7 hours ago fd85b79780480715aab9d7d5c5689eddacc05345
13CMYXEi3yT1owgHW2fUDw9WTaXXX 0.00000140 BTC 8 hours ago 6667cab009e327616055db22406606bd65f5be34
1J4t52JHiHhDYf3N93cCPMZwsvXXX 0.00004159 BTC 9 hours ago 2918de0c3c59e95d7c62f9ec822e945ca17e4f10
1256KumMnqKdkpRJAwda6aWDMkXXX 0.00000141 BTC 9 hours ago 421b6339b302c9bd66341123125cb79fa1588390

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